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Detoxification Every Morning

Each morning before breakfast it is your time to calculate your daily task and it is very important to clear your mind and start your day fresh with fresh feelings and intakes. Detoxification of our bodies is crucial. One of the main ways of making detoxification work is by eliminating the negatives from your diet. So what do I mean by saying negative? maybe you have understood! All those foods that are not putting any positive effects on your body. Negative includes those foods that are difficult to digest and cause fatigue, bloating when we consume.

First thing first:
What do you do when you wake up early in the morning? I am very sure you all are starting your day with excitement and happiness because that's what you all deserve early in the morning. Let's talk about few detox drinks in the morning. Fennel seeds: Take 10g fennel seeds, soak overnight in one glass of water. boil it and consume in the morning before your breakfast. This drink is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties also good for your bowel moment.

Amla drink: 
Take 4-5 small amlas cut them into slices and boil in water until water's colour changed. mash them in water, sieve water, and drink. Amla promotes immune function and is a great source of vitamin - C. This drink will also support healthy digestion. Ginger drink: As we all know ginger has antibacterial power as well as help in every way such as lower blood sugar, boost immunity, digestion and calm nausea. There is no doubt having ginger in your meals can give you benefits, But how about starting our morning with a healthy drink. - Take an inch or two slices of fresh ginger. Grate it and boil in water on slow heat for 5-10 minutes. Sieve it and make a nice hot tea for yourself. you can also add 3g of honey if you want to build up some good taste. In the end, I want to say having a healthy drink in the morning should be the sign of your healthy day. so you can start healthy and can finish health by completing all your meals on time and keep a close eye on your daily food choices because these healthy drinks can only be healthy if your food choices aren't bad.

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