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Eating healthy is our priority. No second thought right!
We all are focusing on our health these days and encouraging our friends and family to eat
healthy too.
But! if we have a festival or marriage coming and we need to attend it no matter what. We internally get stressed a bit. Don't we? As a nutritionist I want to give a suggestion to you - If you are eating healthy and being consistent throughout your week or month, Having one day off from a healthy lifestyle won't affect your health as long as you jump back the next day on your old healthy habit. If you are the queen of your kitchen and friends coming over to eat at your place on this Holi. Then you have a good chance to cook something healthy for yourself and for others too. Let me share some ideas for healthy and low calories sweets on this Holi.

Oatmeal muffin Ingredients:
2- Whole eggs
1- Cup Oats
1 tsp- Baking soda
1- Banana
1tsp- Cinnamon powder
1 Cup- Whole-wheat flour
1 Cup- Skimmed milk
Mix all well and make a runny mixer. Use muffin paper cups and bake in the oven. I am very sure you would love these muffins and your friends too. You can also make these for kids too who don't like to eat healthy stuff.

Smoothie for a cold drinkIngredients:
3/4 - Almond milk
2tsp - Cocoa powder
1- Banana
5- Strawberries
10-12 Ice cubes
Blend them all together and treat yourself to a healthy and yummy smoothie.

Peanut butter bites
1.5 Cup Oats
2 tsp Honey (raw)
3/4 Peanut butter
1/2 Cup Raisins
1/2 Cup Milk (skimmed)
Mix all the ingredients and make small bolls to serve as a snack.

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